Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Because you'll need that hair for the wedding photos

Sometimes you find the perfect image and in your rapture quick "save as" you don't quite remember to label it as something other than "wedding-idea.jpg" and then when you want to find where you got it from later-- CRAP. Was it Snippet and Ink? Or Martha Stewart? Brooklyn Bride?

Or maybe you're reading a blog and just found the most perfect photo ever and you want to know if it's part of a series but alas, your lovely blogger has forgotten where he or she got it from.
So you spend hours online searching for it and getting more and more frantic and clumps of hair get ripped out BUT NO LONGER!!!
This just saved my sanity. I had saved some images for general "later business use" but the place where I had listed them as being from isn't selling the photos 2 years later. Fast forward two hours later of me scouring sites until -- LIGHTBULB-- TinEye. Found where the photos are being sold now in roughly 3 seconds.

So now that you are keeping that pretty hair, I've been meaning to ask if anyone has any shoulder length hairstyles they want to pass onto me? [Awesome segue, I know.] I'm offering up chin length (and one shorter) looks in return.

The last one the face is blurred out because it's someone I went to high school with who's picture I stumbled across on myspace or something a long time ago. We didn't really know each other but I really liked her hair in the picture so I saved it. The first Katie Holmes image has been my go-to for awhile but I'm thinking about growing my hair out a bit for the summer.

Have a good hump day and hope TinEye helps!

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