Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rut-ro George!

I just took a look at the poll (on the right hand navigation) for the Ariel/Eric or Jackie/John invitations and we have a 3 way tie!! So in keeping up with recent elections-- every vote counts. I don't know who I'll call in for recounting votes and special election panels so let's just have a definite winner, okay?

I'm running off to yoga now but I wanted to share something else I found on my old CDs the other day:

This was a banner ad from Target's Club Wed that I saw the very first time I logged onto the Knot. I loved it. I thought, "Dress-- check-- just need to track it down." So I posted it to forums and scoured designer sites and email Target's main office and stalked their stylists' blogs and-- SQUAT! In the end I found another dress that was nothing like the one above and loved it and we've been living happily ever after since then. Moral of the story-- everything will be okay. Maybe not how you first envisioned it-- but it will be okay.

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