Monday, August 25, 2008

The Newest Oldest Invitation on the block.

The very first invitation I did was for the VP of Marketing of the company I worked for 2 or 3 companies ago. It was set on her horse farm in Virginia and she wanted a simple natural look. Allie and Noah invitation actually evolved from one of the original ideas that I sent over but the one she went with has been lurking on CD in my drawer for the past 4 years. My cousin is now getting married, again in Virginia but on the other side of the state on the Chesapeake, and was looking for something simple and natural and I knew that rang bells somewhere in my head. So upstairs I went and rooted through all my yet-to-be-unpacked-once-my-office-is-finished-office-boxes and resurrected my first ever wedding invitation. I tweaked it a little from my old boss' and I think I try and find some sea grass for my cousin but now without further ado-- my Oldest yet Newest wedding invitation: Adam and Eve.

I'll let you know when it's available to buy on Etsy!

Monday, August 18, 2008

One Last

So I got my dates confused and the Minted contest lasted until SATURDAY, not Friday as I originally thought, so I made another one.

It's a little... drier but I think people dig that probably more than the outlandish stuff so who knows? Ha, now watch this one win!

Anyway, I thought a little vespa would be fun.

I think it's a pretty good lot all of them together. The contest was fun and hopefully will pay off in the end but I've learned that people make a TON of these, I think just to throw them all at the wall and see what sticks in some cases. Also I've learned to not post them until the last possible second. Later in the same day I posted the one with the red and green airmail stripes (the first of the previous post) someone else posted 2 new designs air mail stripes. Now, I'm not saying I invented the concept of air mail 50 or so years before my birth somehow but I make mine and then there's a knock off an hour later? I know it seems silly and trivial but that design is the one I'm most pleased with how it came out and to see someone pony off of it makes me feel mine is less worth while for some reason.

Anyway- end rant. I'll let you know when voting begins.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Minted Contest!

Hey everyone! I'm not sure if you've heard of Minted or it's great contests but I finally remembered to check back there and have been gung-ho about their new Thank You card contest. I thought I went a little crazy with 7 designs until I saw most of the other designers whose designs I like submitted more like 17, 18, or HOLY CRAPOLLA 33 designs. WOW completely wished I'd checked those stats out before the last day you're allowed to submit! I would have done my super Vespa idea.

Anyway now's the part where I beg you to go to Minted and vote for my designs. Yeah I won't even beat around the bush with that. Please vote for me. :)

Here's what you're looking for:

And if any of these win then you can buy them on Minted's site!!!! YAY!!! And if the don't win, I'll sell the ones I like best in 90 days when their hold is relinquished. Ooh and I won't tell you which ones I like best for vote vote vote for your favorites.

Happy Weekend!