Friday, May 1, 2009

The Queen's English

In the post-Domino decor blog world (which sounds like it should be small but isn't) I feel like people have started gravitating to a couple of cool magazines from Australia like Real Living Magazine. This prompted a quick search to places that I thought would have similarly new and fresh wedding magazines. My first thought was Brazil (all those colors! all the culture!) but, oh right, I don't speak Portuguese. So back to those who speak English and specifically the Aussies and I found this:They have a nice blog and you can buy issues online (both digital $11.95 AUD [$8.68 USD] or printed $14.95 [$10.86]) if you don't feel like jetting around the world for a magazine but what I thought was best was they have a big ole free downloads section!

They're most idea for bridal shower (other various pre-wedding shindigs) and favors which is great because I feel like those are aspects of the wedding where you stop and think "Wait, THERE'S MORE PLANNING?!!?"

I'm liking this new theme at the moment so I'm off to find more across the pond (or WAY across) inspiration!

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