Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TFMD and the terrible horrible no good very bad day.

Today my puppy is getting spayed, we got a flat tire on the way to the vet (necessitating me going to a tire store where I'll undoubtedly try and get upsold and then have to wait around forever and a day), a possible freelance design job that was ABOUT to go to me ended up going in-house, and my abs and arms are so sore from yoga yesterday every time I sneeze I feel like someone punched me in the stomach.


But in the vein of my body being in pain, I thought I'd share a trick for killer arms from my old yoga instructor that DOESN'T include push-ups or weights. Now let me get out that I am not a doctor, although I do watch a lot of House (btw-- OH MY GOD. That is all I will say for those who haven't watched it yet), so I'm not qualified to even tell you that your arm bone is connected to your shoulder bone so don't blame me if you do this and your arms fall off or something.

Step 1. Press your elbows and palms together and make your upper arms parallel with the ground (you'll probably be staring at your wrists).

Step 2. Keeping elbows and palms tightly together send your palms forward in a chopping motion.

Repeat until you think you can't do it anymore then do 20 more because that's what my yoga teacher would have done.

I've created a ridiculous little animation of myself doing it for clarification:
Animated Gif
(sorry if this didn't work for you at first, apparently you can't use animated gifs using blogger's image upload)

You're supposed to keep everything but your forearms still but it's hard to do that and stop and take 2 pictures so that's why this isn't the most perfect demo.

Also, yes, everything is backwards because I live in a parallel universe (and was using Photo Booth).

After you're sick of the forward chopping motion you can also start with the same position and chop upwards so, in that case, your forearms would remain still and upper arms would be moving up and down.

For both the more you squeeze your elbows and palms together the better a work out you'll receive.

If you need more tricep punishment and have a little yoga knowledge see what got my arms in the state their in: dolphin.

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Nicole said...

Yep, Olivia makes us do this one every once in awhile. She always tells us to image there's a quarter between our elbows.