Tuesday, April 7, 2009

From the vault

I'm not a terribly organized person (despite my awesome shelving and box system in both my office and basement) but for some reason I end up being pretty militant about files on my computer. So in my "documents" folder I have a folder called "personal projects" which is basically a catch-all for all design work that is probably not going to be paid. Within that folder is another called "friends" and then it's broken down by friend name from there. Friend-work is kind of sporadic but I found myself rooting through old files yesterday and I found:

To back up the story a bit, I met several of my good friends at a very "The Office"/"Office Space" like work environment where we were forced to take online ethics quizzes (which, I believe we used each others answers to save time), sexual harassment training, and file TPS reports (ok, well, the last one is a lie) and when we were good little worker drones and completed our tasked we'd be given crappy certificates that we were supposed to hang on our cubicle (or officle*) walls as acceptable flair.

It wasn't long before I started creating our own fake certificates like "Most Improved Touching" for our friend who preferred extra personal space. I would cite more examples but I also had a habit of cleverly hiding files at work and, well, 4 years later, I can't remember where they are or what they're called. ANYWAY- I created the above for my Jen when she quit smoking for her wedding. See, I warped it back around to weddings.

So, if you are quitting for your wedding or any other reason and you need a happy little reminder or some encouragement you can download the file, add your own name and how long here:

*Oh, officle, I almost forgot to explain. At this job some people had what we called "officles" which were 4 slightly taller cubicle walls with one door so you could have a freestanding office but made of (basically) cubicle parts.

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