Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just call me LiLo.

The paparazzi is coming to town. My good friend and rampant photographer is rollin' into town tomorrow and will be here for the weekend which means a host of wonderful things: a) I'll have quality photos of the invitations instead of my wobbly hand photos (I need a tripod but haven't bought one yet), b) we'll get to go have swanky drinks, c) you may find yourself a wedding photographer if you live in the DC/VA/MD and d) maybe, just maybe, I'll get a new facebook picture. Totally lame, I know, but I'm pumped.

EXCEPT for the fact I'm now realizing that I'll have a photographer with me for 3 days. Weddings are a day of looking good- I need to look good for 3 whole days. Thankfully Mother Nature has accepted my "step up" for some nice weather from a couple of days ago and it's been gorgeous here so I'll have some natural light on my side but- my hair?! Disaster. Skin? Well, that's doing fine except for the fact I'm not pretty sure I just jinxed myself. Clothes?! The fear is rising. I may need to go hide under my desk for a bit.

But in honor of my neurosis I'm going to bust out the Oprah move for you all. My bridesmaids are way cool and therefore have been asked to be in other weddings. At my shower, Jenn pulled us all aside and said "Listen- when we take pictures at the wedding- this is how you have to stand. I heard about it on Oprah." We all leaned in eagerly the hear the Gospel of the Mighty Oprah. "You need to rotate your body about 15 degrees so the photo isn't taken of you straight on or you'll appear wide. You'll have your bouquet but you NEED to carry it with your arm away from your body otherwise you'll have a big fat smooshy looking arm. And plant the bouquet at your hip so it doesn't block your entire middle."

Check it out:
Look at those toned arms! We're not completely swallowed by bouquets! Just rocking it.

Boys kind of look they're worried about getting punched downtown but I'm not sure if there's a boy "Oprah Move". Eh, boys don't have to wear strapless dresses though so they're on their own.

Have a great weekend!

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Fox Confessor said...

I just emailed that to my bridesmaids!