Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Day at the Office!

My Mr. Darcy is doing well with his new software: firepublish AND our new office chairs came so we can finally put our dining room chairs back around the dining room table! HOORAY!
The office chairs are Boss Chair model B580. They around $150 which (we found) is quite a steal as far as office chairs go.

But since office chairs aren't the prettiest thing to look at, how about a sneak peak at Rose and Jack from the Titanic...

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Complete Jane Austen

So with a business called "The Future Mrs. Darcy" it would be pretty remiss of me to not mention The Complete Jane Austen on PBS Masterpiece Theatre which starts... right now. Or 7 minutes ago making me get MY Mr. Darcy to go pause it on the DVR while I make the following graphic and refresh my wine.

Also for everyone else's nerves who are shot like mine, I'm pleased to report Jane Austen is 100% Manning free (nothing makes me care about sports than a bracket and potential win)