Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Minted Contest!

As promised here is the graduation party invite I've been working on for the latest Minted contest:
I think it's a little more Urban Outfitters than the rest so I'm excited......buuuuut since it IS going off in a little more of a different direction I'm thinking I'll wait to post it until the submission date gets closer. Or I'll say "screw it" and post it later on today so I can forget about it for awhile since I'm already throwing it out in the world now. It's about 50/50 shot.

Also in the news- I bought a new hat. This is not the most flattering photo but I was mid-thought whether I should choose the LEAST expensive wine or the SECOND least expensive wine to not seem so cheap (I bought both instead! Choosing is overrated.)
(image by Modern Toile photography [link to come!])

And new Earth Day inspired news is that we've joined Boston Organics. I'm not sure if places like this are everywhere yet but I'm sure they will be soon. We've signed up for the cheapest 1/2 fruit 1/2 veggies every other week plans so every other Friday a box of delicious goodies show up at our door. It's like a cross between being in a cooking show and being rich (I pretend a magical butler picks the food and leaves it for us)
(image from

We ate kale the other night. KALE, people! I had a kiwi for desert the previous night instead of a Reese's peanut butter cup egg leftover from Easter. I think the plan tonight is to roast up the zucchini and potatoes on the grill since it's getting nicer. Hm, come to think of it, if anyone knows if you CAN grill zucchini and/or potatoes with good results-let me know that as well.