Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Their labor of love

On Thursday last week when I was gearing up for the Harry Potter trials, I found myself staring at that very last Harry Potter in the hizzouse inspired picture from Once Wed, and decided that I MUSTMUSTMUST find out more about it. To the left is the picture in question again so you don't have to go clicking around.

The picture is the combined efforts of Joy Thigpen, who has some lovely close ups of the above table as well as fabulous inspiration boards, and Our Labor of Love photography which you are just going to have to go take a look at after this. There's just no other way around it. Becaaaause, in addition to having awesome (what's one step above awesome? ahh yes, of course, thank you townsfolk) wicked friggin' awesome photos, you can totally spy on other weddings and use it as a giant inspiration board for yourself!

Like... maybe rethink the ban on line/group dances at the reception...

Or realize you don't need to grow your hair out for your wedding when this short to medium 'do looks so great (and thank you for the overhead shot so it will be that much easier to show the hairdresser!)...

Or find the perfect way to coordinate your bridesmaids in the winter without demanding jacket styles (the salmon colored wraps)...

Hello? Flowers? Get your printer and your pointing finger out! I want that, that and that.

Or need something crazy gorgeous that you probably wouldn't have thought of yourself? LIKE UPSIDE DOWN FLOWER CHANDELIER THING-A-MA-BOBS?!? Yes, please.ALL PHOTOS BY OUR LABOR OF LOVE

BRIDE BEWARE THOUGH-- WARNING WARNING-- if you click on the link that says "Smilebooth" on their blog, any holdout feelings on whether or not to do the whole photo booth thang at the wedding will be crushed. Obliterated. You will neeeeeed a photo booth. You'll give up the schmancy shoes just to get a photo booth. You'll wonder how you can start incorporating it into your non-wedding-related life. And finally, you'll want to work at Google because they apparently throw kick ass parties for their employees.

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