Friday, May 15, 2009

In the immortal words of Lil John...

I was cruising through Mighty Good blog on google reader when I happen to come across these little darlings:
And since this wedding season I actually have weddings to go to I was like maybe I'll spluge and get me some new shoes. Now let me note that I am not a shoe person. I currently wear my JUNIOR PROM SHOES to fancy events. Yes, over 12 year old shoes. I have really bad ankles and really sensitive feet so most of the time shoes shred my feet to blister covered ribbons then I trip and sprain my ankle (TMI? Sorry) so when I find something that mostly works-- I stick with it. But these are cute. They appear to be made out of some sort of cotton derivative not pleather or barbed wire (which I feel must be a secret ingredient in other shoes). So I figure-- totally J. Crew. I'm totally going to blow like $80* on these shoes but then I'll have cute colorful shoes so shut up little cheap-o voice in my head!

Click on the link from Mighty Goods, scan to see where I can get me some...



I also like these which are on sale for $14.99!! They have a little bling which I'm usually not 100% down with on shoes but if anyone gets that close to my shoe I probably don't care what they think.

And these for $12.99!!! THIRTEEN DOLLARS!!! Basically for the price of a burrito, chips and guac you can get darling little shoes. And they come in 4 different colors so you can get orange shoes if you want and not worry that you have something it'll work with.

*Ok this is where my friend emails me and says "Awww you're adorable. You think nice shoes only cost $80. Try $180." but I write $80 because $80 is the way upper echelon of how much I would pay for the shoes pictured. Err... well probably any shoe provided it was off the shelf and not crafted by lechrechauns for me. Then I'd be willing to pay $140. Or pay them with thimbles of whiskey! Muahahaha!**

**Yeah so at this point I should mention that I had really weird dreams last night that included a Prince video with complete choreography that I'm pretty sure doesn't exist and my dog talking to me like the puppies in Air Bud so there may be some lingering effects... but the shoes aren't one of them!