Thursday, May 21, 2009

Everyone who NEEDS this Memorial Day vaca-- please raise your hands.

(Don't you just love Anne Taintor? We wanted have her magnets as shower favors but they were a little too much for us in the end. Le sigh.)
Well I am totally looking forward to having a couple of days off. My friend is having her 30th birthday party! YAY! This year both of my bridesmaids are turning 30 and my Mom is turning 60. Holy f-ing party planning, I know.

But that's not why I decided to blog today. (Unless you have some good ideas what I should wear to NYC this weekend- if so- abandon the rest of the post and email me, you can go back and read it later). I've always wondered where people who want a unique wedding dress go if they don't know a tailor or seamstress... well, you can go to shopflick and get this beauty from Mr. Larkin.

Or you can get this for everyone you know from the Beard Head Store:

Aren't choices grand?

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