Monday, March 2, 2009

Harry Potter in the hizzouse!

So my wonderful lovely friend R. emailed me the other day asking:

in your online searches have you seen anything about how to have a harry potter/fantasy wedding? i can find stuff for little kids birthday parties. im thinking things like instead of floral centerpieces, candlescapes with river rocks and dried moss, and there will be lanterns placed around the property. where/how can i incorporate other things like that?!
which of course is awesome sounding so I went all crazy today and found stuff I thought would be cool and I was half way into entering it all into a big inDesign document which I would pdf for her and I thought, "Perhaps there are others. Perhaps I should share"

And here we are. Any images that are small you can click to make larger.

Elegant rustic

First of all my scanner crapped out on me but I was able to find some of the photos that I had flagged online. This is one of them. (Tee hee this was just for R. but we'll keep it)

I think it has that floating candle vibe which I’ve always liked about the Hogwarts Dining Hall (which is apparently the dining hall of Christ Church College’s in Oxford if you’re looking for specific pics but I’m sure you knew that). I’m sure it’s a little flowery-er than you were thinking but I think replacing the flowers with moss and such would get the idea going. The one downside to this one is that the centerpiece is tall which makes it harder for people to talk. But that might not bother you or you could scale it down.

Images from “Go Green”

These were the other images from my book that I found online, conveniently in the same section. Instead of searching for Harry Potter or fantasy I started looking at the elements you were looking for- moss, candles, etc and most places categorize them as “rustic”, “eco”, or something like that. I think that gets at half of the Harry Potter theme but adding the candles and whatnot will give it more of an elegant- exclusive children’s magic school vibe.

I think the crazy plants in the second one again, might not be hitting the mark, but definitely will give a magic-y non-standard look.

Oh and everything is green (color not environment) b/c that’s what I had flagged for myself back in the day.

Martha Martha Martha

I thought these candles were kind of cool. When I think Harry Potter/fantasy I also conjure up the spells classes with all the cool sciency looking glass stuff. Also I didn’t get a chance to search for it but try “enchanted” or “fairytale” weddings to see if that gets at the theme without being specifically Harry Potter.

Mood Lighting

So I liked the look of all the candles and then OMG - there’s a book in the middle too. Fabulousness. This site had a bunch of cool stuff on the page so I kept it to the label not just the one post.

(click to make larger)
I’m sure this is about 6 billion times girlier than you were thinking but it has a bunch of fun elements. I found this by searching for “beaker centerpiece” not really sure what I was going to find but I think the beakers and the fern-looking plants look cool BUUUUT I kind of freaked out when I saw the last jar on the bottom is labeled “love potion”. I think it would be hilarious if you put booze in them too. But that's just me.

Birchwood Centerpiece Tutorial

Kind of self-explanatory.

Mossy Centerpiece From Blog

Martha Stewart is a God

The mushrooms may be a little much but this has a small tutorial about working with the moss and some info about buying stump vases. Also we used some mushroom bits in my centerpieces but they were more large abstract looking leaves or pod-like.

You can see the mushroomy bits a little in my knottie bio- scroll down to flowers:

More mossy stuff
These had a little more whimsy in them.

Now more stumps
I think this has a link where to buy as well.

Nice mix of nature and elegance

This site has a lot of looks like this. Fun and out of the box. And yes, I've mentioned them on the blog before.

The second photo is by the same people but from here:

I LOOOOVE this place

If nothing else it gives you an idea of what is out there. Also since I’m thinking of it now my cousin once told me that she gets all of her candles at Church supply store b/c they’re much cheaper there.

I’m not sure if the lanterns come with the place but I think Pearl River has lanterns that are pretty cheap.

Ok well it's not one definitive answer but hopefully enough ideas that can be cobbled together to something out of this world. Although if I've totally missed the mark, R., just let me know and I'll keep working at it. :)

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