Friday, March 20, 2009

Modern Bride

(image of bride by ePi.Longo on flickr)

My husband recently has started creating iPhone apps and I suggested a wedding variety app after seeing that the ones available don't look so hot but we're not sure what the best app would be. SO I figured I'd ask you: is there anything the iPhone could do to help make your wedding planning smoother?

If your suggestion is chosen I may contact you for finer points and you'd get the app for free. What I think would be even more fabulous is if we got a bunch of suggestions then I'd let everyone vote and whichever app end up getting the most votes, everyone who voted for that one would get a free copy.*

So submit your ideas and tell your friends!

*I'm now told that Apple has dictated you can only give away 100 free copies of an app but really I would be shocked/overjoyed/REALLY shocked if we had such a voting turn out that I would find a way to make it up to those over 100 posts that voted.


cdolloff said...

what a great idea! i think a to do list and/or schedule/calendar would be awesome!


Renee said...

There should be a wedding stress relief app. Like you can destroy typical wedding items, smash the cake, rip the veil, throw mud at a ballgown, knock over a buffet table, or just have the ability to virtually punch someone in the face. That's what I'd like, haha! I'm going to keep thinking about this...hmmm