Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy Busy

Hello one and all! I'm busy at work coming up with some designs for M. who is looking for some invitations that have "the overall feel is true Southern Comfort, imagine old quilts and miss-matched dishware. I love texture and would like to use some type of real wood if possible" and using one of my favorite Martha Perfect Palettes: marigold and pewter. Totally cool, I know, so I'm all into that at the moment.

BUT-- I wanted to let you know that the voting is open on Minted for the baby shower invitations. I have two designs in the running so if you like-- you can go vote here.


And if THAT isn't enough to make your Thursday go by quick enough I found this which would be an awesome addition to my Harry Potter/Natural non-flower table centerpieces:
From Once Wed -- the rest of the post, filled more drool-worthy gorgeous pictures can be found here.

And LASTLY if you still need more:
This is awesome and if I have to make it "wedding-y" I'd say just about everyone in our wedding party would have run around shrieking with joy like a girl if they got these. Bear Sleeping Bag (I can't remember where I saw it first but oh if I had to guess I'd probably say Mighty Goods, Swiss Miss, Not Martha or Pygmalion in a Blanket)

And these are my new favorite blogs: I Suwannee, The Lil Bee, 100 Layer Cake, and Shelter.

Whew, and if you're STILL here go to flickr and search for "dutch tulip fields".

And with THAT I bid you good day.

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