Thursday, June 25, 2009


So it's Thursday... the day is winding down... it's maybe been gray outside your window for so long that you can't remember what the sun looks like... you might need to just go download the new Wedding Style Guide. I wrote about them back in May and what I didn't realize then is that is besides having awesome free downloads, the downloads of past issues are only AUD $4.95 ($3.96 US)! Instant gratification for cheap!
(photo by AMYATLAS.COM)

Doesn't that just look fun and bright and summer-y? OH you know what ELSE looks fun and bright and summer-y and if I had known was possible would have totally been in my wedding?
Cotton! Yes! The fabric of your life! As featured in NY Magazine's Weekend Bash in the Country. Also as in says in the caption "The best part is that cotton doesn’t die, so I’ll have it forever." Wha? I can't testify to the accuracy of that, but even cooler if it's true!

Lastly, I kept seeing the AMAZING Jordan from Oh Happy Day! Mentioning posts she's written for Project Wedding. Since everything I see that Jordan creates on Oh Happy Day is so wonderfully well-thought out and creative I headed over and was really surprised at what I found. Project Wedding looks like it's giving The Knot a run for their money! There are tons of wonderful ideas like this:DIY Weddings: Mapping it out!
and this:
DIY Weddings: The Purple Picnic

So lots of pretty pictures to look through to make it to 5pm! Enjoy!

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