Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting close!

Hello! I've been kind of AWOL lately- as I'm sure you realized- but I've been alternating by playing photographer and errand girl. Since you probably don't want to hear about my trip to Lowe's, DSW or Crate and Barrel (meh, maybe that last two aren't bad) but the photos of the invitations are pretty nice, if I say so myself. This is all gearing up for the grand unveiling on the website but ye olde programmer/husband has been extremely busy this week.

But in alphabetical order:

Adam + Eve

Allie + Noah

Ariel + Eric

Bogey + Bacall

Elizabeth + Darcy

Ginny + Harry

Holly + Paul

Jim + Pam

Josephine + Napoleon

Rose + Jack

Sally + Harry
(Photos coming soon! The first round didn't come out well so I need to re-shoot)

Sandy + Danny
(Again some photography issues with the rest of the pieces but I did get one of just the invitation)

Sloane + Ferris

So there you have it! Consider it your very own sneak peek!


Nicole said...

Another couple to consider: Bella and Edward

Crystal said...

Wow! These are really great!