Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So despite the incessant rainyness (raininess? meh- I'm making up a word so let's go with the first) in Boston I have found AWESOMENESS.

First- I agree with Kathryn from Snippet and Ink and this is "currently my most favorite wedding ever" too. Why?

(photo by Josh Goleman)

Yeah. Prepare to blow your mind. The first several photos are photos of them getting ready then it escalates to you gasping a lot then finally by the end you're just doing silent guppy mouth gestures. Also I was really glad to see that they had a wedding planner. I'm not saying that the couple is any less talented but I'm always glad to see that someone didn't just fall into being amazing with no wedding experience. By the way, in case you're in the South, their wedding planner was Liz Demos from Vintage General, a blog I may have to start stalking.

Secondly, I came across Camp Comfort via Nib's Blog and HELLO, NEW HAIRSTYLE!
(collage by Camp Comfort)

I've (thankfully) come to my senses and realized summer in all its humid glory is not the time for me to getting bangs but when Fall rolls around my hair should be long enough where it can be cut to that. The woman in question is apparently Alexa Chung who is "an English television presenter, model and fashion journalist" (thank you Wikipedia). Camp Comfort is definitely bumping out something on my google reader (I'm trying to restrict how much I have on there otherwise I get overloaded) and will hopefully help get me past my summer style which has been dubbed "out of work camp counselor". Iterations have been "slutty camp counselor", "this is the only time I get out camp counselor", or "my clothes are the same age as these children camp counselor" so it's nicely ironic that Camp Comfort will bring me to a newer better level.

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