Monday, June 15, 2009


Ahhhh so I knew minted was doing a ginormous xmas card design and I kept MEANING to enter but with the whole losing of the job (did I mention this before- meh- it's depressing- we don't need to dwell) I've been busy trying to both get the new The Future Mrs. Darcy site up as well as find some new freelance clients. This weekend I decided I should really enter and I knew the deadline was Monday so I'll work on it all day Monday and voila! So imagine me strolling upstairs to the office after the dog's been fed and whatnot, thinking about some breakfast and tea for myself, and casually replying to some facebook comments, then FINALLY head over to the Minted site only to realize the deadline is 9am pacific. Which- HOLY CRAP- sends me into a tail spin. PACIFIC?!? Think think think. When is pacific time?! Crap crap. So it's now 9am and by my calculations it needs to be in by either 12. Frantic frantic frantic type type type design design design. Fast forward an hour and a half and-- though I still have low grade adrenaline rush and my hands are both clammy AND shaking it's been uploaded!!
Back up to this past weekend where my last pairs of flip flops and more of our couch were half destroyed by the little pup and -- light bulb-- we have an idea. The only issue was I really expected the images to be of older kids. All the families were of a Mom, Dad and wee baby. Maybe it's just my family but all the Christmas cards we get are of various school age children and/or pets so I had to adjust and use our pup. Whew!

Anyway, as always, if it doesn't win, in 90 days I can sell it myself AND as a matter of fact, putting up all old minted non-winners onto etsy and hopefully the new site is one of my goals for this week! But hopefully it'll just win. :)

And NOW I think I'll get some of that food and tea I was thinking about 2 hours ago.