Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lady and The Tramp

Hello All! I'm back from camping and NYC and loving this half summer/half fall weather we're having up in New England. Can it just stay like this until November please? Cool in the mornings and evenings and warm and sunny during the days? Please!

Anyway, as I've mentioned before I have some new custom designs that will be released soon but I really liked the initial designs so I've been re-working them to couples as well. We started off with Bonnie and Clyde (which I've already acknowledged is a crazy name but it's such a lovely invitation that I think it can carry it) and now we've got Lady and the Tramp.

The original background was the wood grain but I figured we'd already covered that in the last one so I changed it to this fun swirly pattern in red since Lady and the Tramp should be red in my head.

When I started working with this custom bride she had sent me the link to their wedding website and what should I happen to find on there but several photos of their darling pug. Now he didn't make it to their final invitation but he does make several guest appearances on their RSVP and directions card. If there are no pugs in your life (admittedly I don't think there are any in Lady or Tramp's) I can add in another breed or a whole other species (bird, cat, butterfly, hedgehog) or the line can end in a pretty bow or can just run off the page but OPTIONS!!- you've got some options.

Invitations, as they have been since the great pricing restructure of June '09, are $5 a set (set includes invitation, RSVP and 2 envelopes) which means for that same price you can get a samples of this invitation or any of the others with your lovely name and wedding information on it. This isn't available on etsy yet but feel free to email me at kristenhcox (at) gmail.com.

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