Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bonnie and Clyde

Since you're all brainstorming couple names for the upcoming reveal of the custom invitations in September, I thought I'd make it worth your while.

When I start custom invitations (or really any design work) I talk everything over with the client about what they're looking for and then I create around 3 designs as a jumping off point. Usually one will stand apart from the pack in my mind but for the most recent custom designs- I loved them all which is GREAT because now you all get 3 new designs coming your way.

First up is: Bonnie and Clyde. (Details to the right)

I know it's kind of an odd couple to go with but I was scanning through lists of famous couples and it just popped out at me.

Invitations, as they have been since the great pricing restructure of June '09, are $5 a set (set includes invitation, RSVP and 2 envelopes) which means for that same price you can get a samples of this invitation or any of the others with your lovely name and wedding information on it. This isn't available on etsy yet but feel free to email me at kristenhcox (at)

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Nicole said...

What, no shot gun?