Friday, August 21, 2009

In Love...

...with this photo.
Here's what Martha says about it:
60 Outdoor Party Ideas

Bottle Beauty Hurricane

Bars and buffet tables must be adequately lighted, but they're often located far from electrical outlets. An easy, inexpensive solution is to gather clear apothecary bottles and fill them with lamp oil and wicks. Arrange the bottles under a large hurricane for protection. We set these on a sturdy glass cake stand.

Yes, please! Of course, I'm suspicious, though. Do you have clear apothecary bottles in your house? No, I didn't think so. But quick google search took me to ebottles and SKS and faster than Emeril can say BAM!-- BAM! tons of glass bottles. Same went for the lamp oil and wicks. Now, the search for giant hurricane (I'm assuming they meant hurricane "lamp" or "lantern") didn't prove as easy because that glass pieces is HUGE! I mean check out how many bottles they fit in there. BUT don't fear, several years ago my mom had foot surgery around that holiday which meant that when she needed something I had to go track it down. I was sent out of roughly 12 billion search for a mystical kind of dish called a "trifle bowl" and I believe that will do just nicely in this situation. In fact, Martha sells one at Kmart for $10. Here's a photo so you know what you're in for:
And then when you're done you can make tons of tasty desserts. Or if you're worried that people will set themselves on fire not having such high sides, there's a cool lantern on sale at Pottery Barn that you can put your bottles in.

So it's official. This is totally possible.

In other news:
I thought of couple to use for the second of the custom invites but it requires some changes to make it work so it won't be showing its pretty face just yet.

My website for my corporate design work is done. Or hopefully will be by the time you click that link. If you know of anyone in need of some contract graphic design work, you know who to point them to (me!)

And lastly, it's my husband's birthday next week so he's taken the week off and we're heading off the grid so in the meantime... here's a funny video, a trip down memory lane, some lovely photos, awesome trinkets, and lastly, coffee cup drawings.

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