Monday, September 14, 2009

Weddings galore!

So if facebook is any indication, a good percentage of you is looking blearily at your computers this morning after a weekend of wedding madness. I've seen photos from 4 sets of wedding not including the one I went to myself, our very own Harry Potter girl, R.'s and let me tell you: my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

Here's a quick hit of what I loved about it:

Everything was simple and elegant. Candles lined the way from the Church to the reception hall (bottom right) and they had different lanterns and tea lights as the centerpiece for each table. Both the Church and reception hall were natural wood and white so all the flickering candles gave it a magical touch without needing to find a way to float thousands of candles in the vaulted ceilings (a la Hogwarts). It seems odd to write, but with the simple elegant set up let them be center of attention. The wording in the ceremony, little wax seals on the place cards, Knight and Queen table toppers were little extras that helped carry though their personalities without being IN YOUR FACE but it was that their friends and families helped with what they could and were all just really exciting for the couple that all the minutiae that usually goes with weddings wasn't necessary.

Well done, Mr. and Mrs. V. I hope you're having heaps and tons of fun in Quebec!

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