Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sneak peak!

My BRAND SPANKING NEW website design is ready to be built but I thought I'd give y'all* a sneak peak:

Oooh ahhhh! As you can see there will be a place on each story where you can mark it as your favorite which will result in the "viewer favorites" on the home page as well as places on each story where you can save it to delicious, post it on facebook, twitter it, and more social niceties.

But it may take a little while due to our new love...

And because I'm a dork I'll also post my inspiration board for the website. May come in handy if you're planning a library themed wedding. Or an Austen themed wedding. Or just like those and don't need a "theme" to your wedding. :)

Top to Bottom, Left to Right (there's a lot in there so if you want more specifics about any one just let me know):
[row 1] Mask Invitation for Charlie Trotter's by Also Design; Lovely selection of book cover by Coralie Bickford-Smith via design:related; Vintage Emma book cover found on flickr here;
[row 2] page from Anthropologie catalog (Dec 2008 pg 4); Ashes and Milk website; Jessica Hische website (she is SO talented- go take a look!);
[middle] Colophon found on flickr;
[row 3] Jane Austen, The Complete Novels designed by Kelly Blair for Penguin Books; Vintage Library Card found on flickr; Natalie Portman photo found on flickr;
[row 4] Anthropologie web site; Eccentric Islands book design by Wink; Country website by Mucca; and, lastly, Ad for Walters Art Museum by Principle.

*Yeah, I wrote, "y'all". I worked in Virginia for 3 years, though, so I'm allowed.

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Pen and Ink said...

The new site design looks wonderful! I happen to be a fan of both libraries and Austen, so I think your inspiration board is fantastic!
- Lisa