Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moving Sucks

I've moved a little less than 20 times since I left my parents house for college and I have had horror stories from giant trucks complete with big ass truck clutches* dying in a new apartment complex blocking in all the people on the street to not one of the 8 people who promised me showing up to help me move. Bastards. Although my really strong friend, Miguel, came later on and moved all the large furniture I couldn't get myself.

When we moved into our house this past summer we hired movers for the very first time. It was amazing. It was joyous. It kicked ass. The couch that took us two days to get into our last apartment-- came out in 5 minutes! FIVE MINUTES! But the downside is that we are still breaking down boxes to get recycling to take them. So since I figure a lot of people move around their weddings I'll share a new service I just saw on swissmiss.

(Sorry about the play icon in the middle-- there's a rotating series of pictures on the homepage)

Sturdy boxes with handles and no need to packing tape? Wonderful! And you can feel good about yourself because it's environmentally friendly. And if you just like sturdy boxes with handles- that's fine too!

*I've driven standard cars all my life but that didn't stop driving a truck that could FIT my car in the back any easier.

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