Friday, February 13, 2009

Inspiration Board

Back in July I went to enter an inspiration board contest (I forget where but most likely one of the blogs in the "A little of everything that is wedding" section below on the right) but I read the date wrong on the deadline so they weren't able to accept it although they did say they'd keep it on hand for their next contest. I'm guessing it got lost in the shuffle though b/c I haven't seen it anywhere. So I'll show it here!

Going clockwise starting in the top left the images are: St Michel by Josh Derr found on flickr; "Transfixed" by shutterBRI found on flickr); Flowers from Martha Stewart (can't quite find the link but if you REALLY want me to search for it more just let me know in the comments section); Cake by Lovin' Sullivan Cakes; Dress by Angel Sanchez; Flowers from Martha Stewart; Riviera Dress from Siri (they have wonderful dresses- I wish I had just gone for these for my bridesmaids); Veil from Bride's Head Revisited; Necklace featured in a picture on website; Ferris and Sloane invites from The Future Mrs. Darcy.

This is my Sloane + Ferris inspiration board. When I was doing the invitations I had them getting married at the Art Institute of Chicago which was featured in the movie so I stuck with that. I think it's cool without trying too much.

Also I have about 10 other photos that didn't make the final cut into the inspiration board so if you're loving the yellow just let me know and I'll get the extras together.

Have a great friday!


PLO said...

This is beautiful! How did you put the collage together?

Kristen said...

Hi PLO! I put it together using Adobe inDesign which is a layout program. You could also put it together using Adobe Photoshop which is a little more common than inDesign but both are pretty pricey design software.