Friday, February 13, 2009


UH-DOOOY I can't believe I forgot to write all about this before! My birthday card design from Minted was an editor's pick! Just a reminder- here is what it looks like:
I also created a second colorway choice, a thank you card and a mailing label for the series for them so I'll make sure to let you know when they're available to for purchase!

The contest was:
"Kids' birthdays come around every year and parents seek to find invites that are void of clich├ęs and aren’t too cutesy. We asked designers to create playful, fun and modern birthday party invitations."

I chose to use Alex as my inspiration who was looking for a party that they were thinking would be centered around clowns, music or art. Here was the description I included along with it:
I think the intersection of clowns (circus), musicians and art is probably Hatch Show Print so I created an energetic Hatch inspired bday invite that rocks ages 1-101.

Since 5 year olds will usually tell you their age quite precisely I thought counting it in seconds would be a cool way to explain how old you're turning. Also once you hit the questionable years... the ones I'm entering... where all of a sudden big numbers are looming-- though I don't care- 30 ain't gonna kill me!-- some people might feel more comfortable obscuring the info just a teensie bit. :)

Hope you enjoy-- again-- I'll let you know when they're debuted!
AVAILABLE NOW: Click here to see Every Second Counts at

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