Monday, October 12, 2009

Throw your mittens around your kittens and AWAY WE GO!

So you've probably been wondering where I am and the answer is I've been working my wee tail off to get the new site up and running! Oh and I sprained my ankle which if anything has only helped by leaving me stranded in front of my computer for hours on end.

Here's what I see on my end but if you're not a Firefox 3.5.3 and on a mac... well I just hope it looks the same as it does on my end! I'm working on other browsers so if it's not 100% just stay tuned.

There are a lot of new features; I almost don't know where to begin! First of all, you can change your RSS settting or blog roll because The Future Mrs. Darcy website and The Future Mrs. Darcy blog are now one in the same!! Blogger and Wordpress don't play as nicely together as I would like though so I'm going through and manually re-adding all of the photos so as of now anything pre-late June '09 will have a lot of crazy looking code in it. The new RSS feed URL for Feedburner/Bloglines/Google Reader/etc is: If you don't use RSS just go to:

Second, you can streamline your planning process by sharing you new favorite design with the world via facebook, twitter, wordpress, blogger, linkedin, reddit, stumbled upon, myspace, or digg or save it to your delicious links.

Third, you can promote what designs you like the best. Each design has a "heart" and the 4 designs with the most hearts at the end of the week will be featured on the home page.

Lastly, you and email me with questions and start an order from the website. Just fill out the form below each description and you're on your way to checking "invitations" off your to-do list.

Head on over and let me know what you think!