Friday, July 17, 2009

So instructions ARE good... hmm. Interesting.

So here are all the ingredients for the jewelry how-to buuuuuuuut well I nearly finished and IT BROKE! IT FRIGGIN' BROKE! LAST BEAD-- BROOOOOKE. Crap. So went to the bead store and SHOCKER- asked for a general guideline of how to proceed. For not knowing a damn thing I did pretty well but I now have some better pointers. So if you have some pins (top left), beads (bottom left from 15 to 60 cents a piece), clasp and jump rings, cutty snippy jewelry tool and roundy bendy jewelry tool (top to bottom- each $8) and some chain (that I'd already put two beads on) then you will be ready to go when I post correct instructions!!

Now I just need to go re-do the entire necklace. This bringing back frogging knitting anxiety that I had back in the day* but I'm SURE a beer will help!

*I'd love to be able to say I don't need to frog anymore because I'm the knitting shit but alas, it's because all my knitting stuff lives in a big storage box in the basement and doesn't get much love these days. Although YOU KNOW this has been snagging by eye for awhile-- Mrs. Darcy Cardigan-- why you gotta be so cruel knitting gods?!