Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm currently working on a "How-to" jewelry project, which has been much easier than I thought (I have no jewelry experience) but as I was attaching the last bead I somehow broke the chain! And I saw somehow because I was kinda sorta watching tv...and eating... at the same time so not sure how it all went down but I'm pretty sure it's easily fixable- I just need a "jump ring". I think. Everything I've looked at online seems to say "jump ring" is to "jewelry" as "carbon" is to "life" so I'm placing my bets there.

The second "How-to" I'm flying to DC tomorrow to do. I'm going to work with R. (of Harry Potter fame) to make her veil. I made veils for Brandy's (from Modern Toile) birthday last year so I'm sure this will be as fun. I don't have written or photo documentation of how those veils were made but if you just CAN'T wait the recipe is kind of like this: bird cage veil (from fabric store) + fake pearls (which you can't really see in the photo) + bag of feathers + hot glue gun + beer (for imbibing although any alcohol will do) = veil. Ta-da.*

*The real veil how to will be more informative- don't worry! :)

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