Monday, December 15, 2008

You saw it here first!

Unless you just came here from, that is. So in a creative rut today, I decided to head over to minted and see what their contest of the moment was. It's kid's birthday which I don't know much about but I figured it would be a fun little exercise to try it out so-- ta da!

Alex, the child in question, had possible themes listed as : Pirates, Party in the park, Clown at party, Art party, Musician at party. I figured the intersection of clowns (circus), musicians and art is Hatch Show Print (I know, I mentioned them last post too). But really to be 100000% honest- I went to a burlesque show for my friend's birthday party this week so I think that may have got my mind in the old school poster mindset. I didn't write that in my inspiration section, though, because I didn't want to freak out parents in case they could see it later! No one wants to be in a "child's birthday" mindset then fall down a rabbit hole to "pasties". :D

Anyway-- be fruitful and vote for me when voting round opens in the New Year!!

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