Thursday, December 11, 2008

Colour (see, it's fancier that way)

If it hasn't been said before- I love color! In my ideabank there are various screen shots that are just small blocks of color that I saw and loved. Like this vibrant red-orange:

And this deep inky blue:

And I also LOVE color names which is why my office ended up Celtic Gray (back walls) and Firelight (bookcases). The sloped walls are chalkboard paint in Charcoal.

I was driving the other day and these ads for Indian Tourism and nearly ran off the road.

Especially the last two. Would you feel free-er if someone ask you what your wedding colors and you could say "Watercolours" or "Technicolour"? It wasn't until I was through with my planning that I thought-- there really wasn't any reason I should have stuck to green and white and black. I could have thought "Deep in the forest" or "Dingle Penisula Landscapes" and maybe come up with more cohesive ideas.

So again, keep thinking and think different.

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