Wednesday, December 5, 2007

That's what she said! [Old Version with added New Version]

I love the Office so when I started picked couples for invitations Jim and Pam were one of the first to come to mind.

These are a little farther out of the box that most marketing managers would go for but have endless possibilities for customization, and in case you missed it, they're a lot of fun. Also you can adorn them with as much office supplies as you can pilfer from your current employer!

Clockwise from top to bottom: Invitations, RSVP (front) and RSVP (back) [the RSVPs for this design are a postcard that your guests can mail back to you after filling out the proper forms and notarizing it {kidding}], Directions, Place Card, Table Number, and Menu.

The "Inter-Department Delivery" on the front of the RSVP is customized to highlight key moments in your relationship, jokes you may have with each other, or can introduce your wedding party.

Make sure you double click on the image to get a slightly large version so you are able to read all of the fields. If it's still too small and you'd like clarification just leave me a message and I'll let you know what it all says.

Finally some quick ideas I've had while creating these if you want to take it to that level:
  • Organizing the place cards in a Rolodex

  • Artfully paper clipping everything together in the envelope

  • Having coffee drinks (with alcohol) as your signature drink at the wedding

  • Powerpoint slideshow of the bride and groom at the reception

  • Coordinating website for the wedding

If you have any more suggestions let me know and I'll add them to the list.

[Edited to add: Some things seem hard to read even in the larger size so under the names in the invitation it says "first name, last name" and under the Church it says "enter meeting location in the space provided above". On the RSVP the choices to reply are: "I plan on attending this meeting/I plan on attending this meeting and have cc’ed the request to these others in my department/I am unable to attend due to a
previously scheduled budget conference call". Hope this helps]

[Edited to add- July 10th, 2008- the above picture is for the original design I had for this. I liked the concept but was never 100% about the actual outcome. Right before I opened the etsy store I had a burst of creativity and redesigned the line to the following.]

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Mandytory said...

I love the entire package. I like that it's very contemporary and direct while still being fun and original.