Monday, December 17, 2007


I'm working on the very un-fun task of taking my jpg of the website design and actually making it a functioning website. In the meantime 'tis the season for gifts so I thought I'd run down my favorite gift sites in case anyone is looking for a last minute holiday gift or a gift for your attendants.

To see what I got my attendants check out my knottie bio.

Now for my faves:

Mighty Goods - This is my favorite site to try and find different and interesting things for people. Like Red Envelope (another good site) you can search by occasion or recipient but I find Red Envelope where tends to be all "jewelry and home goods for women" and "golfing, booze, and grilling for men" Mighty Goods seems to have more rounded choices.

Charles and Marie- This kind of has crazy stuff and a lot of it is out of my price range but if you have someone on your list that is too cool for school this is a great place to start looking.

Greener Grass Design- To be honest I completely forgot about these guys until I went looking in my "gifts" tag on delicious to write this entry BUT possibly found a gift for my secret santa person (my husband's brother-in-law- could I have picked a harder person to buy for for the first year we're spending xmas together?!!)

Chiasso- I stumbled upon this site years ago while searching for something to get my very design oriented grandmother. It's similar to the others with very modern/rethought items.

Knock Knock- Again what would I do without my delicious tags? I must have found this awhile ago and marked it and note to self: this site is awesome- don't forget it anymore! If I haven't mentioned how much I love snarky things and (even more) well designed snarky things then... umm... I just did. WARNING: you may end up buying things for yourself instead of others. Like a "wheel o wisdom", or "Big Ups post its"

Day-Lab- has cool gifts for girls from fun jewelry and bags to instant sea monkeys aaaaand....

Night-Lab- has cool gifts for boys like hipster shirts, books about brothels in Nevada, graphic novels and comic books.

Curiosity Shoppe- has design-y, retro-y, crafty stuff which I'm realizing, after putting together this list, is what I'm all about. I don't want anyone to say "Oh my sister got this for xmas too!" when someone opens my gift. Also a lot of the things on this list fall outside of the typical scope of gifts which gives you an opportunity to find something that is even more tailored to your recipient.

Now, I really need to go through these myself and find a good husband's brother in law gift for under $25. :)

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