Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'll have what she's having

So I maaay have said that the last one was my favorite buuuut I think this one is my new favorite. (Any bets on how many "favorite"s I have by this time next year?)

Without further ado:Left to right from top to bottom: Invitations/RSVP/Accommodations/Map (see below for more description), Menu, Table Number, Place Card, folding diagram

This one takes some explaining too. First of all, all the designs posted are usually at about 60% of their size once you double click to get the "full" size otherwise you'd have to scroll all over the place to see them. Since this design is 4 times the length when it's unfolded- it's about 30%.
In the bottom right corner there's a small mock up how the invitation would look folded. BUT for jollies I'll walk us through it.

The invitation is 4 panels printed on both sides. This is another one where you can go to town customizing it to tell your story. For Harry and Sally the first panel says:
1 roadtrip
3 introductions
12 years
4 new year’s parties
2 friends
and in 3 months

Then the second panel opens to say:

1 happily ever after

Open to the third panel is a traditional invitation. The fourth panel is a photo of whatever your heart desires. An engagement photo, a drawing that has meaning to you, a family tree- it's up to you! That photo also happens to be the reverse side of an RSVP postcard that your guests fill out and mail back to you.

So that brings us to the back. As I said, the first back panel is the RSVP. The second panel is what I generally refer to in my head as an "extras" panel. I did "accommodations" for this design but you can do "directions", other events for the wedding weekend. For the last two panels I did a big map, so please if you're having your wedding in lower Manhattan- please make my re-drawing of half of Manhattan for something other than a fictional couple! :)

The rest of the elements are back to the 60% size you're used to, as opposed to giant-like compared to the invite.

What I really love about this series is that it has less to do with "My colors are 'BLUSH' and 'BASHFUL' and everything WILL be in one of those two colors even if it looks like the Church is covered in Pepto Bismol" (oh don't worry, though, we'll get to Shelby and Jackson from Steel Magnolias, oh yes we will) and more about creating a feeling for your big day. This says swank sophisticated fun wedding to me.

Hopefully it's saying nice things to you too.

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