Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm back!

Sorry for the delay, folks. I had a lovely Thanksgiving and have been up to my ears in my freelance work since I got back.

It's nice to get out of wedding madness for a little while (and getting paid doesn't hurt either) but those projects are wrapping up so I started working some extras for my Sandy and Danny (
from Grease) invites. It's quite weird to find yourself getting too "into" fictional characters wedding plans! A lot of the characters I use are characters that I love so I can't just stick any old reception location on there. Bogey and Bacall were by far the easiest since they actually did get married so I can use their wedding date and location but wikipedia didn't quite say where their guests stayed or their wedding menu so I end up researching place in the area and scanning menus online.

Thankfully all my fictional characters have an unlimited budget so Sandy and Danny have reserved all of the rooms at boutique hotel Amarano in Burbank for their guests, Sloane and Ferris (from
Ferris Bueller's Day Off) are having their ceremony at the Art Institute of Chicago (which was featured in the movie), Satine and Christian (from Moulin Rouge) are having their ceremony held at Sacre Coeur and (obviously) Holly and Paul (from Breakfast at Tiffany's) are having their reception at the famed 5th Avenue jewelry store.

But after working on Sandy and Danny's menu (with a Smashed Potato Bar- mmm so good!) I need to find some non-fictional food of my own. :)

As always check back for more previews of upcoming designs and for website release info!

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