Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Greetings and Salutations! This is the first blog post for The Future Mrs. Darcy, wedding paper goods maker extraordinare. (Yeah, still looking for a way to consolidate and shorten).

The blog is the companion site to which will be going live soon. In this blog I'll let readers check out wedding invitation designs in the works and make sure we're providing exactly what brides are looking for. In the meantime we have lots to do to get the site up and running.

To peak your interest though some interesting features at The Future Mrs. Darcy:
  • All designs are named after famous couples.
    When I was getting married I'd look at wedding invitations and I'd like "Jen and Michael" but 10 days later when I was trying to recall which one it was I'd spent hours click through each one going was it "Grace and John? No. Liz and Nick? No." Not only is this a good way to get a handle on each design but maybe even to help you gravitate to styles you like.

  • Designs are available in customizable colors.
    Fall in love with the aqua "Rose and Jack" from the Titanic invite (so sometimes we fudge the stories endings a little...ok A LOT) but you had planned on having everything pink? Not a problem!

  • And what we're most excited about- so you've fallen in love with "Jim and Pam" from the Office but how would you and your fiance's name look? Preview your information in real time for all our designs!
We can barely wait to bring it to you so make sure and come back often to see what we're up to!

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