Monday, November 19, 2007

Feast for your eyes!

I took some time from the getting the website together today to add some extra pieces to my Bogey and Bacall line. Or rather, Bacall and Bogey. I'm trying to create a system where (properly) the womens' names come first but you'd be surprised how often it's common to say the complete opposite.

Perhaps I'll post some pictures tomorrow but in the mean time here are some great links for your wedding planning needs.

Rebecca Thruss

Can you hear my Homer drool? I cannot believe I found this website AFTER my wedding?! Rebecca has worked with my high priestess of weddings (Martha) and represent all that I love. Want to hop on the inspiration board band wagon? Consider this your ticket. This is a great place to get ahold of a couple of key ideas that will guide your wedding planning process.

Jamali Garden
Ok I'm bringing you straight to the "metal" section here. This is from my days of mint julep cup adoration on the wedding homefront. In the end I didn't go with bud vases on the tables but everytime I see that picture on their website I try and creatively think of a reason why I NEED those vases. And they're only around $5 a piece! When spring rolls around and ranunculus (I think that's what those are) start to bloom... LOOK OUT. I'm going to order a whole slew of those.

Cox and Cox

Again I'm showing you a specific page but for an intimate winter wedding these would be perfect. Cox & Cox has a ton of beautiful things that can make reception or at least help you define a "look" for your wedding.

Hope this helps with all of your planning. Stay tuned for some sneak peaks at TFMD design and more wedding planning links!

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