Friday, June 6, 2008

TGIF Boys and Girls!

Hiya! Some good news on the etsy front- after not hearing from a printer I've done business with before I've decided to bite the bullet and find someone in the Boston area and - HOORAY - they've already gotten back to me to tell me they'll have pricing on Monday. Also to get everything ready for said printer I had to put my nose to the wedding grindstone and flush out some of the designs so I have a bunch of new things to show you. Today we'll go with something a little different: Ferris and Sloane from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, of course.

Fans of the movie can note that the "wedding" is being held at the Art Institute of Chicago which was there they had that nice little musical montage in the movie but after I added that as the place I couldn't help but think what an amazing venue it would be. Who would give a crap about having just the right peonies when you are surrounded by such fabulous artwork?! So if that inspires you and you find a museum for you, send me pictures!

(p.s.- the RSVP isn't that ginormous- the invitation is just being shrunk to fit in the window!)

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