Friday, June 20, 2008

News and Updates

Hey Happy Almost Really Truly Summer everyone! So after roughly a million years- I think the etsy site will be up and running soon! I've been speaking with 2 sets of printers recently to try and figure out pricing. I've also set up a small site to show them what the designs look like so you should take a look too:

It shows off the entire line of some of the invitations you may have seen on the site here. It's not quite soup to nuts but you can get a better idea of what more than just an invite and RSVP would look like, and, as always, if you want a piece that's not listed, I'll make it for you! See, isn't that easy?

Oh and since it's friday this is completely NOT wedding related but hilarious and if there was an office out there that regularly did this- I would go back to an office.

Have a great weekend!

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