Monday, February 11, 2008

Logo and design

So after much hair pulling and pacing I've finally agreed upon a logo for myself! Drum roll please... Here you have it:
One of the reasons I've been excited to throw myself back into the sometimes crazy realm of wedding is because I had accumulated so much information... AFTER I had already set everything in motion. Also, I find it's a lot easier to to pick things when it's not for yourself. Hence the ease of creating invitations and the stress of creating a logo for the company.

But after about 20 wholly different ideas then another 20 after I redesigned the web page I think I've got one I'm comfortable in
sickness and health, through good times and bad.

And those dashes around the logo remind me I have several more individual invitation designs to unveil. This one was inspired first by Holly Golightly (and Paul, too, I suppose) from Breakfast at Tiffany's then an aqua and green wedding palette I saw in Martha Stewart Weddings, then that lovely font used by Blueprint and a pattern from a book I have.

I hope you enjoy!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Cute. Makes me think of stitchery, as if that's what you'd add to your new luggage and whatnot as Mrs. Darcy. :)