Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eye Candy

So, much like Persephone I've been lured back into the dark scary world of Corporate America (via my new office in the attic) which is why you hear crickets on the blog.

But there have been wedding designs creeping in there and breaking up the monotony. Firstly being my lovely cousin who I'll refer to as: (surprise) Lovely Cousin who is getting married... soon.

It's the seaside equivalent of the new Adam + Eve. Like if those crazy kids went for a destination wedding. The colors my cousin is using in her wedding are what I'd call "Fall-but-not-orange" colors. Chocolate, cranberry, sage, creams... which just saying makes me want to cook rich foods but also buy decadent fall boots. Anyway-- ta da!

I've changed all the names to their most generic.

Also I've been working on some custom wedding invitations. No, I'm not going to post hers before we've settled on the very last details, but I will post a design that was in one of my first rounds that she decided to pass on. It's simple. Like really simple but I loooove it. Maybe it's because I'm a font nerd, who knows? Oh note to self-- post new fonts that are in play.

I love that inky navy blue but I also like the flowing colors so it's whatever floats your boat. I chose Napoleon and Josephine because I've been reading Lauren Willig books but I'm not 100% sold on it. Anyone have any other suggestions for couples?

I hope you like it! Unfortunately the fonts will have to wait until next time because I'm going to a concert tonight and need to remember how to put on makeup before I go out!

Have a lovely tuesday night everyone!


Nicole said...

Other couples to consider: Anne and Gilbert (from Anne of Green Gables), Lily and Marshall (from How I Met Your Mother) and if you feel you can do real couples, Julia and Paul Child.

Jen said...

Hi! I'm writing a destination wedding blog and I'd love to feature anything "destination" themed in your work... check out my blog and send me a note: http://somewhereblueblog.blogspot.com and maybe you can add me to your blogroll as well : )